Quality in KiptaşQuality in Kiptaş
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KİPTAŞ has determined its primary aim as to produce modern, livable and environment friendly living spaces in conformity with its mission of foundation.

It has adopted the principle of improving living standards of society, living space quality and the awareness of urban culture by taking into account the desires and wishes of individuals and communities while carrying out this principle.

KİPTAŞ has also undertaken to realize unconditional customer satisfaction and to implement training-supervision, continuous improvement and development activities with all employees for the sake of maintaining and realizing the quality in conformity with these goals.

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate it was granted in 2002 is a concrete indicator of the efforts of KİPTAŞ which continuously improves its quality and take care of every step of every work it undertakes.

Keeping with the changing and developing standards of the time without making concessions from its quality, KİPTAŞ will continue to produce high quality and elegant living spaces addressing to the needs of a modern urban individual.

KİPTAŞ Produces Livable and Safe Spaces.”

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