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The İstanbul Veliefendi


Only Istanbul...

From your residence at The Istanbul Veliefendi, you will only have eyes for the City. Here you are alone with Istanbul. Your balcony will be overlooking the Bakırköy seafront, the Topkapı Walls, the most popular shopping centers of Istanbul, the Veliefendi Hippodrome and the airport. You will feel the heartbeat of the City and witness everything that makes Istanbul unique. We took inspiration from Istanbul when we created The Istanbul Veliefendi, a residence in the heart of the City, waiting to enchant its residents.

We carved out a space for you in the heart of Istanbul.

When we think about taking a rest, walking and de-stressing, we naturally dream of a deserted beach.But you no longer have to get in your car and drive hundreds of miles to walk on that beautiful beach. The Istanbul Veliefendi is only a minute away from the Bakırköy coastal road. We are exposing you to a brandnew concept of comfort located not in the fringes of Istanbul but right in the heart of the old City.

We created a lifestyle above street level

Can you call a place a “residence” if all you can see when you go outside is an empty road? Don’t be surprised if you come face to face with the “glory of Istanbul” when you exit The Istanbul Veliefendi. 

Your residence is located in an area where history, cultures and civilizations meet.

We lent our ears to the “sound of water”

At The Istanbul Veliefendi, we are creating a new world of living inspired by the turquoise ocean. Its landscape not only includes ponds and waterways but outdoor and indoor swimming pools as well. At The Istanbul Veliefendi, the weariness of the day will melt away in the soothing waters of your own swimming pool...

We sewed comfort into every inch of your new flat.

We have furnished your residences exclusively with the materials, built-in furniture vitrified tiles and fittings of leading designers. We have sewn comfort into every inch of your residence, which was designed with a soothing architectural theme. Because we are building for the new “Sultans” of this “City of Sultans”.

We gave green free rein

By building parking garages, we have been able to set aside 80 percent of the project land area to green spaces, ponds and waterways. After securely parking your vehicle in the garage, you will encounter a lush garden... Walking, running and cycling tracks, children’s playgrounds, and basketball and volleyball courts are all waiting for you in your new residence and garden.

We made your safety our highest priority

We have set up a round-the-clock closed circuit camera surveillance system, deployed secure entry and exit points for vehicles and pedestrians, sourced qualified security personnel, installed fire and smoke alarm systems and furnished every residence with a visual intercom system... The high comfort of The Istanbul Veliefendi is under safe hands!


We made shopping more enjoyable

With our shopping center, which is located on the ground floor of your residence and contains 44 stores, we are bringing the joy of shopping literally to your doorstep. Having all the amenities of living right in the center of Istanbul along with the convenience of having a shopping mall such as this in your residence makes The Istanbul Veliefendi a unique place to live.

We have quality written all over us

Craftsmen put their signature on a product to show their own personal stamp of quality. We are the torchbearers of this tradition... You can observe the quality of our workmanship in every nook and cranny of your new flat. And we never compromise on quality, which always comes first. This is the secret behind how we are able to build residences that do not degrade in quality or comfort and remain in prime condition even after the wear and tear of time.

We took steps to ensure healthy living conditions

The endless vibrancy of Istanbul is also reflected and maintained in The Istanbul Veliefendi. However, the type of vibrancy that holds sway at The Istanbul Veliefendi is one of orderliness and healthy living. Our recreational facility, which consists of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a fitness center, a sauna, massage parlors and playgrounds, is waiting for you so you can fill your life with enjoyable moments.

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Settlement Plan

 KİPTAŞ, yeni imar durumu, teknik zorunluluk, uygulama gibi nedenlerle, imar planı ve mevzuatına uygun olarak, toplu konut projesinde, vaziyet planında ve mimari projelerde değişiklik yapma hakkını saklı tutar.  

Project And Apartment Features


Proje Özellikleri

  Binalar son Deprem Yönetmeliğine uygun fore kazıklı radye temel, tünel kalıp sistemi ile inşa edilecektir.
  Taşıyıcı sistemde C 30 beton ve ST III beton çeliği
  Dış duvarlarda Isı Yönetmeliği esaslarına uygun olarak mantolama sistemi                                      
  Kapalı otoparklarda yangın söndürme sistemi (springler) yapılacaktır.
  Kalorifer tesisatı yapılacak, alüminyum panel radyatör 
  Dairelerde içerisinde mutfak, salon, E.y.odası ve oturma odasında olmak üzere toplam 4 adet çalışır halde klima
  Sosyal tesis alanlarında wireless internet erişimi 
  Site ana girişinde 7 gün 24 saat güvenlik 
  Otopark girişinde OGS sistemi 
  Her daireye ve misafirlere otopark


Daire Özellikleri

  Darbe sesi yalıtımı

  TSE ve Avrupa standartlarına uygun ısı ve su yalıtım sistemi

  Her dairede mutfak bölümüne ısı ve gaz dedektörü, antreye ise duman dedektörü 

  Tüm dairelerde hırsız alarm sensörü 

  1.sınıf yerli ya da ithal Lamine parke

  Dairelerde 24 saat kesintisiz enerji


Location Map

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Housing Type

A Block 4+1 (Gross 212,55 m²)

C Block 3+1(Gross 187,77 m²)



E Block 2+1 (Gross 132,87 m² - Brüt 136,75 m²)


Please click for more information about the floor plan. Please click for more information about the floor plan.
Please click for more information about the floor plan. Please click for more information about the floor plan.

    Please click for more information about the floor plan.  

Price List

 Daha fazla bilgi almak için lütfen http://www.theistanbulveliefendi.com/ 'a tıklayınız. 


The İstanbul Veliefendi

Phone : +90 212 558 13 13
Website : www.theistanbulveliefendi.com


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